Victoria, which was founded in Pavia in 1924, specializing in the production of incubators for game birds, continues to leverage its advantage of being one of the first in world in its sector.


In fact, the rapid evolution of its technologies and its constant research in the “incubation” field have allowed Victoria to specialize in the design and installation of turnkey hatcheries in both Italy and abroad.


In addition to plants for incubating several million eggs, the company also offers a wide range of incubators from 25 to 12,000 eggs and for all species, including ostriches and exotic birds.


And precisely this is its greatest strength; its machinery is so universal and versatile that have been tested for incubating any type of egg when equipped with the appropriate egg trays.


Victoria incubators are extraordinarily flexible and successful: many Italian and foreign universities have tested and chosen them to study the hatching of a wide variety of eggs.


An Israeli university, for example, had excellent experimental results hatching ostrich eggs even more their breeding became common in


The operation of each of Victoria machines is unique and customized for its customers: in fact, each model is designed to achieve the best possible results while conserving energy.


The Group, which operates internationally, bases its corporate strategy of the uniqueness and high quality of its products, which are the
most advanced and sophisticated available on the market today.

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