Victoria News

Victoria S.r.l. , a well-known incubator's producer since 1924,  has made, thanks to its extremely state-of-art R&D department and high detailed research investments, great steps forward in the production of innovative machines , both in terms of efficiency and cost/price competitiveness.

The three big goals achieved by Victoria's incubators are: Versatility, Flexibility and Universality.


In fact they have been tested for incubating any type of egg when equipped with the appropriate egg trays while using the same setter trolleys.


The big changes introduced, as in the on-board control system, internal structure and the complementary accessories are meant to increase the productivity meant as the best successful hatchability performance, cancelling any risk of losses.


The first relevant improvement made is in the ventilation system , whose the introduction of a six-blade instead of 4 blades, ergonomic shaped and ventilator slope ( 97°) , has brought to a more uniform oxygenation inside the machine, with a best performance in all eggs incubation and hatchability.


Secondly there are new, with a straight elongated shape, heating elements which guarantee great heat propagation. Thirdly, to extend the estimate useful life of the machine, it is created a newfangled anticorrosion treatment, where the cooling serpentines are dipped in a nickel-solution, in order to prevent the cooling system to deteriorate, with the subsequent drop of the maintenance costs.


Moreover, stainless steel and anodized aluminum are used to produce all the machine particulars (mainly the ventilation frame support and the electrical frontal panel). Besides, Victoria has dedicated   particular attention to the humidification system. Through spray nozzles and water pump at high pressure the propagation of the foggy jet is several times more accurate and uniform; the system, supplied with doucer and filters, is tested to prevent lime deposits. Without the air-compressed dependence, the energy savings is extremely large, decreasing your overall costs and, therefore, boosting your profits. For the sake of increasing efficiency.


Each production phase has a detailed controlling system: for example, in the egg-turner process, there is an electric and not air compressed motor driven by very low-voltage engines (24 VDC) totally independent for each trolley, which is easily programmable by the operator through a PLC. Last but not least, each hatching machine is furnished with a serial programmable   disinfection system which nebulizes a disinfectant inside the machine reducing the bacterial load.


Thanks to the enormous researches & developments in almost all fields of the incubators production, Victoria S.r.l. has put itself in the position of one of the most advanced firm in this industry, continuing its goal to increase the efficiency and the productivity of its machines for its customer satisfaction.