The VICTORIA PLC CONTROL system can be connected to any compatible pc in order to control the operating systems of over 30 Victoria incubators and hatchers.


Recorded data can be transferred and controlled from any location by down-loading from the pc using a Modem connected to the national or international telephone system.


Data is recorded and memorized continually by the Victoria PLC allowing the operator to call up and print data graphics for the study of historical incubation cycle performance of Victoria machines.


The software is easy to use and provides immediate access to the following essential information needed to determine production costs:


a) temperature and humidity values, turning cycles, air shutter opening.
b) operational timings for heating, ventilation, humidity& cooling.
c) hatchery lay out graphic visualisation.


The Victoria PLC system will confirm if the machines are working normally and in case of any alarm, it can trace the origin of any malfunction via the modem system for immediate correction.


Operating panel “touch screen”, display 7,7” inch, colours, stn, solution 640x480 With the introduction of automatic PLC-based systems, Victoria incubators have achieved the maximum efficiency, versatility and reliability.


This technology allows:


• The adoption of machine interface (touch screen monitor) that is simple and intuitive thanks to latest-generation graphics• Storing up to 700 alarms and accesses
• Guaranteeing the total security of the machine data by setting up passwords for operating personnel
• Being able to update the machine software with the most current solutions the company has to offer




As an alternative to controlling the machine with a PLC, the analog/digital control panel combines accurate control of incubation data with the simplicity of use by the operator thanks to the single nstruments that regulate the machine’s functions (egg-turner, temperature, humidity, etc.)